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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Generex Is anything left for this once interesting biotech?

Generex Pharmaceuticals (GNBT)- Has for years been promising, and promising, and promising... yet nothing has been delivered. Generex has made promise time and time again to help increase the value of the company, for example promising to divest its Antigen Express subsidiary if shareholders would just agree to a reverse stock split. Well, shareholders agreed, and still nothing. Generex promised to have Oral-lyn Phase III trials designed, and still Oral-lyn appears to be sitting dead on the shelf, a multi-million dollar view-piece  Collecting dust, and collecting past memories, that is Oral-lyn. Generex has still not cleared up its situation in India, and has still not designed a Phase III trial for AE-37, the one rather promising drug in Generex's pipeline.

It is truly sad though, this company had such great potential, its Metformin gum would have revolutionized the marketplace, but that project was mysteriously dropped by the company. The system surrounding Oral-Lyn was supposed to help revolutionize the way that Americans perceive diseases and the way in which we treat diseases. Yet, the technology platform is rotting away seemingly, while Generex is burning cash at an alarming rate. At this rate, one must begin to wonder if it would be best for Generex to just go bankrupt, and thus allow for shareholders to buy Antigen Express, and unlock the true value of the company. This company has a chance, but the shareholders must quickly choose, management or the company?

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